August Family Newsletter

Thanks for reading this post. I look to make this more of a monthly post in the future to keep you up to date with what's going on in my family and business/career.

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Jackson is still suffering from concussion symptoms from his fourth concussion. The concussion happened in January so we are hoping with the sports medicine doctor, the vision therapist, eye doctor and now the neurologist that is going to be added to his team of doctors, that we figure it out. His hockey and wrestling career have come to an end, but his golf career has just begun. He just made the Conant High School JV team this month..

Alec fortunately is not suffering from any health issues. He was at the doctor and he is officially NOT taller than me YET. He was not happy.

He loves to play his video games online with his friends and is lifting, eating and shooting pucks in the garage. He will be returning to the Blues again this year as he was unable to make a AAA team he had interest in playing for.

In the next post I will see about sending some info on Dylan (don't want to without his okay).

I have been keeping busy working around the house. If you need help with pavers or your asphalt driveway, let me know. I am somewhat of an expert now!

I think the next project is adding shutters to the house and painting the front door and the garage door. Unfortunately I have had a lot of time on my hands with my 14 month contract position ending just around the COVID-19 issues in late March. (BTW, I am open to a contract or employee position if you know of a company that needs help with marketing, accounting or operations).


Look for me to post a blog about what I was able to accomplish on my last contract. I was able to use my accounting and operations skills to help improve the company's gross profit by over $600,000.

At this last company I was an advisor to the CFO, Production Manager, Engineering Department, President and owner. With about 50 people, they didn't have the ability to pay a CFO, CMO, COO, CEO, Owner, etc. That is where I can fit in and fill multiple executive level positions at a smaller company.

Thanks again for reading, and look for another post shortly.


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