DMV Can Be Your Friend!

I must admit I was not looking forward to going to the Illinois DMV to transfer the title on my wife's car to my name. So much so, when I had to get something notarized, I asked at the currency exchange how much it would be to do the transfer there.

I can't remember the exact amount, but it was something in the neighborhood of $250 or so. I read online and thought it was going to be in the $150 to $175 range (or so I thought). With the currency agent saying it was going to be about $60 cheaper at the DMV, I decided to go there. A word of caution, I just headed to any DMV and of course it was the one closet to my house. So I waited in a line of about 10 people and got to the front, only to be told that this was not a full service DMV and I had to go to one at least 13 miles away. Needless to say the extra $60 was looking not so bad right now. But I was already committed to this so I drove the 13 miles to the next DMV. Only to arrive there and have to wait in another line of about 10 people ahead of me. Fortunately, a few were families that all went together so it was really only about 5 people that needed help.

I get up there and hand them my papers. The process did not go all that smooth on their end, but luckily I had everything I needed. The gentleman goes that will be $18. I said no I wanted to transfer my wife's license plate into my name too and do the transfer. He said we give a discount to family members transfers.

That made the time worth it for me.

Another lesson learned, fortunately it did not effect me was if you have to do a transfer and need to pay sales tax, they don't take cash or credit cards. Seems like it had to be a check or money order. Who would have thought!

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