Evernote - Get Organized

As I type this blog up, I am working in my dining room that has papers all over the place. Although they are sorted and about half of them have made it into about a dozen different project folders and future tasks to be completed.

One thing I decided to try is to scan everything into a computer that makes sense to do. Obviously, confidential or sensitive documents will not be digitized.

It was a little difficult to set everything up, it was definitely not as easy as it appeared prior to purchase, but I am starting to get the hang of it. And considering I already had a scanner, this experiment will cost me about $50 of cash.

And I am looking forward to having a dinning room table free of paper at least!

What systems do you use to manage all the paper or information in your life?

PS at least right now I don't get anything for talking about Evernote. Maybe Evernote will find this blog and change that!

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