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Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Best Restaurants around Schaumburg, IL for Pizza

Top Pizza Spots

I am attending a conference in Schaumburg, Illinois and I read a post about someone looking for some help with finding some pizza places here in town. 

The great thing is many of the same restaurants that you find downtown you will also find here in Schaumburg as well. So, if you are staying downtown, chances are you can find a couple of these places near you too. 

I am even going to give you a couple places to check out for my favorite hot dog and beef sandwiches too. Check back here throughout the conference. I am going to try to improve this post with more ideas. 

One of my favorite quotes is "the proof is in the pudding." While I am not sure it fits this particular case perfectly, I am going to order these favorites by how often I eat at them.

The Big Three 

All of these have multiple restaurants in Chicago and at least one in Schaumburg. Most have carry out and delivery options. Plan on being at any of these restaurants a while - the pizzas take a fair amount of time to make/cook.

Lou Malnati's Pizza - My personal favorite. I love the deep dish pizza, but have also had the thin crust pizza. There is one really close to my house, so that also increases how often I eat this pizza. 

Giordanos Pizza - I used to live closer to one of their restaurants and my family would eat here more often, but since we moved it's not quite as easy for us to get to it. My wife is not a super fan of the pizza so that probably is why we don't eat there more often. It's one of my favorite pizzas though, and well worth a try.

Gino's East Pizza - when you decide to check this place out be prepared for the atmosphere. Growing up, I can remember heading downtown to eat at this restaurant with my family. This was a must stop for several relatives whenever they came to town. One funny story, I have literally heard someone say "No pizza is worth this" and walked out of their downtown location. The graffiti on the walls can be intimidating, but it's a clean restaurant. My first thought when I heard that person say that was, you are obviously not from around here. 

Jeff's Choice: Lou's, then Giordano's then Gino's. You can't go wrong with any of these places. 

Local Pizza Places

Rosario's in Roselle, IL - although not in Schaumburg, it is still pretty close to Lou's. If you are looking for a thin crust, this is my favorite place now. There is a small restaurant here as well. I usually do a pick up of the pizza. This location is about a year old, however, they were in a smaller pickup location for years and years before. 

Mario's Pizza in Schaumburg, IL - this place is a favorite lunch place for me. I only have eaten lunch here. It's a great place to pick up a quick slice and go or eating your pizza at one of their folding tables. I would not recommend going here for a business meeting, but if you just want to pick up a quick slice this is your place. At $5.50 for a deep dish slice and pop, it's a great deal. I have only ever eaten here for lunch, so I am not sure if they have slices outside lunch hours.

Other Food Ideas

Here are a couple bonus places.

Portillo's is a chain restaurant that was recently sold for mega bucks. It has a wide variety of food. It's a perfect place to go and grab a quick bite to eat. It's essentially a big hot dog stand with a ton of seating. You could get some business done here, but it's more of a quick place to eat (assuming the lines aren't too long). Many people love the Chocolate Cake Shake, I am not a fan. I usually go with the beef and a cheese fries. Get a regular beef sandwich or a beef on a croissant. 

Johnnie's Beef if you happen to be staying out near Elmwood Park, I would say go to that location. In looking up their website, I realized something, be careful on the spelling otherwise you won't wind up at the place I am talking about here. And this place made the list because there is one in Arlington Heights which is pretty close to Schaumburg. Get the beef and fries here. Don't forget the Italian Ice. If you don't get the Italian Ice, you'll make a big mistake. CASH ONLY

Gene and Jude's is THEE place to go for a hot dog. Only hot dogs, fries and tamales are sold here so don't go here thinking you will find something else to eat if you don't like hot dogs. The restauarnt is not close to Schaumburg but if you have a car and want to make a trip to this place, it's worth the ride. Located in River Grove, it's pretty close to the airport too. There are no seats so you have to eat  your food in your car or stand up inside the restaurant. One insider tip, don't ask for Ketchup. They don't have it. Not even for your fries. CASH ONLYn the dashboard, you have everything you need to manage your blog in one place. You can create new posts, set categories and more.

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