Get Your Estate In Order

Fortunately Nancy and I had for the most part things properly titled and beneficiaries named and all that stuff when she passed away. And we had non financial stuff pretty much in order too. I did not have to make too many decisions without knowing her thoughts.

Now that I am by myself I have to do things a lot differently and to be honest we could have set this stuff up when she was alive as well. Trust me, no one likes to talk about this stuff, but please get things in order.

So please take the time to meet with an Estate planning attorney. Although I am a Licensed CPA in Illinois, always work with an attorney and a CPA that are familiar with your individual circumstances. This blog post should not be considered advice for you.

Somethings to make sure you have in place:

• Properly titled assets

• Name beneficiaries

• A will

• Financial Power of Attorney

• Medical Power of Attorney

• Living Will / Care Plans

• Wake, Funeral, Burial Desires

• Trust for Planning Purposes

Just to highlight that first one, just because your attorney setup a Trust for you, it does not mean your attorney completed the paper work to have those assets titled properly. Be sure you understand if you or your attorney is doing this. If you don't, you may have wasted the money setting up the Trust.

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