Have Someone Outside Your Company Look at Your Marketing

I clipped this coupon the other day and I was pretty sure I would remember the location of the place that it was valid for, but my memory has now failed. And now this coupon and marketing has failed too.

I am pretty sure it was a place I figured I would buy some food from in the future, but now that is not going to happen. The moral of this story is two fold, one make sure you have someone outside your marketing team take a look at what you are doing and put your logo on everything.

Another tip for coupons is push out the expiration date. I think they might have only offered a very limited time for redemption of the coupon. And this was not a one time sale or anything like that. It was a coupon that should have been pushed out well into the future.

Bottom line, get someone to look at your marketing info and hopefully someone that is comfortable enough to tell you when something needs to change.

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