If You Do It, Do It Right

I am always amazed at how businesses or even just organizations do something half way. I was going to use a different word, but felt I want to keep this blog clear of any bad language (at least for now).

I was just in a bank the other day and made a deposit inside the bank. There was a coffee thermos pump dispenser there with creamer and sugar and sugar alternatives. It looked nice and I originally walked out the door past it. Then I am like I could go for a cup of coffee now so I went back in. Well, no coffee inside the thermos. Now I won't mention the bank because it might have been an isolated issue, but if you are going to do something do it right! I'll tell another story about that same bank maybe next week.

You'll see it at sporting events, golf outings, just about anywhere you go. People put in maybe 80% of the work to do it right and only have a little bit more work to do it right. Notice I used the word "right" not perfect. It's very difficult to do this perfect, but you can certainly take the time to do it "right."

An example of one event that we did right was our Golf Outing we hosted that raised money for the Illinois Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and the Smile Train, an organization that helps kids born with cleft lips. We would schedule the day and make sure we had enough volunteers and allowed time for volunteers to take breaks and enjoy the day too. But here is where we did it right and it brought back golfers every year. We spent an extra few dollars and got a pig roast too. I think at the time it added like $4 a person for the pig. That and the other food frequently got comments from friends about how crazy the spread was. Compare that to a golf outing I had been to that was 50% more a golfer and served hot dogs and hamburgers.