Microsoft Excel VLookup Function

Here I show how in a minute (literally), you can create a simpler report from a much larger table of data. This particular data table is not large, so you will just have to imagine being able to pull from any column in an Excel Spreadsheet.

I use this function all the time for a variety of purposes. Often times its from an accounting report from Quickbooks, but it can easily be a list of customer accounts from the marketing department.

For this function you are looking at =VLOOKUP(A2,Sheet1!A:D,3,FALSE)

A2 is the field you are trying to match. Sheet1!A:D is the table that you want to find your data in. By using the entire column instead of the exact cells you don't need to adjust your vlookup function when you add more data to your original table. Also, you can copy and paste this function into other cells below the original formula and it will work just fine. The "3" represents what column you want to pull from and the "false" indicates you want it to match exactly.

Here is the one minute video (please like it and subscribe to my channel):

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