Passion Project - Help Business Owners Whose Families Are Battling Breast Cancer

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

So I was thinking one day a few weeks ago, how can I help others with what our family went through while battling cancer and trying to operate a business too. One thing I have gone through myself is what happens when a family member is battling cancer and you are still trying to run your business.

You may need to hire people to help you but you don't have the cash. You would love to get some help, but not at a $200 an hour rate.

I was reminded of the story where a young child came to a bunch of sand dollars on the beach and out of the water. The child picked up a sand dollar and put it back into the Ocean. Then proceeded to the next one. The child was then asked by an adult, "Why are you doing this? There is no way you can save all those sand dollars." And the child responded, "It matters to the one I just saved by putting him back into the water. And continued to do save more sand dollars."

I wish I would have remembered that story a little clearer or where I heard or read that story, but o'well.


Back to what I am looking to do. I have some time on my hand to help one or two businesses with Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, Accounting or even Accounting system design (think Quickbooks).

And realistically over the years in operating businesses for 20 years, if I can't find the answer, I usually have someone that can help you.

Here is the deal, what I do is at no cost, but your family must be battling breast cancer and need some help or looking for some new ideas. Your business must be a main source of your family's income.

Can You Help Us Help More People

And if you are reading this and can help other businesses with your skills, reach out to me as well. I would love to have a solid network of professionals we can point these business owners to for some help.

Do you offer a book or info product you can provide at no cost? Do you have a skill set you are willing to share with a family battling cancer? Can you donate a seminar ticket to your next event?

My goal is to help one or two businesses to start and grow from there.

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