Really Have A Sale!

Everywhere there were a ton of "sales" this past weekend. But really how was the sale from a user experience?

For me, I got a fair amount of emails from stores I did not really care to hear from, but then I really would have liked to hear more from several others. And I know these company's have my contact info and I opted in.

Another huge opportunity is text messaging. I am amazed even in 2018 how few companies are doing this and are just blowing it off and not even testing it. Is anyone doing it well though? Who is knocking it out of the park?

And the main point of this blog post today is worry about the user experience. I can't tell you how many emails I clicked on to be brought to the deal page but it was not even a deal page. I had to go looking for the deal page or worse yet there was not even a deal page to be found. Imagine the frustration of going to a page thinking all the products on that page were on sale, putting that item in the cart and using the promo code and only then finding out the item was not on sale.

And actually have a sale! The final point is free shipping no minimum is not a huge deal nowadays. And a 10% off deal or 20% off is not much of a deal either. Find some products, work with your suppliers, find something that you can have an unbelievable deal on to offer your customers. Put some work into your deals and promotions that weekend. There is plenty of time to get it right for 2019.