In Jeffrey's business career spanning nearly 25 years in various accounting, marketing and operations roles, he has been quoted in some of the top media outlets including Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CBS Evening National News, the Chicago Sun Times and many more. 

He looks to bring those skills learned while a student at the top accounting undergraduate program in the USA, the University of Illinois and the top marketing MBA program in the USA, Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management to your business. Jeffrey is also an Illinois Licensed CPA. That means he has kept up with the 40 hours of classes required to maintain his license. This translates to over 1,000 hours of additional training.

Jeffrey is recently widowed and has three sons. Jackson and Alec still live at home and play hockey, wrestle and run track.  


Jeffrey simply wants to help his client reach their goals. Whether their goal is to learn how to use a piece of software better, implement a new inventory management system, improve their marketing or do a better job with their accounting, he can help you meet your goals.